Get more jobs with QUOTE IT.

Service providers, trades and small business owners;

Getting new clients for your trade, cleaning company or home service business just got easier. With QUOTE IT, the mobile application, you will receive instant notification when a job is posted in your area. Customers are looking for things they need done around the house and your company can help. You can see the jobs, review the details, ask questions all within the app. And when your ready to quote, you can quote in the app or ask to see the job. We make scouting for new jobs easy. Stop chasing clients, let the leads come to you.

How it works, Download app, Set alerts, quote jobs, book new clients

Why Join QUOTE IT?

FREE to download

FREE to sign up

FREE instant local leads

FREE to browse through job posts

What does it cost?

First job is FREE! Quote on jobs and your first "Quote Accepted" is FREE! After that, you will only be charged if your "quote" or "in-person quote" request is accepted and you win the job / appointment with the client. The job awarded fee is 5% of your quote, if accepted. The in-person quote option is free. So quote away!

Who collects when the job is complete?

Service providers who complete a job through QUOTE IT are to collect their monies and any applicable taxes directly from the client.

Download QUOTE IT after August 1st FREE on the Google Play Store.

Coming to the iOS App Store in October. Visit us online at for more information.

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