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We are on track for a big launch this spring, April 2019. We have many clients who are looking to get things done around the house. Is your company looking for new or more clients in 2019? Do you have a home services company? Are you in the trades? Are you a repair or cleaning company? If so, we need you! We need your skills and expertise!

Let me tell you how this works:

1) JOIN Quote It for FREE and set your alert categories and service areas.

2) GET ALERTS when a job you do, in your service area is posted to Quote It, you'll get a instant notification that someone in your area is looking for your services.

3) QUOTE the job if your interested in doing it or you can request to go and see the job.

4) BOOK your appointment. If the client agrees to your price and wants you to do the job, they will accept your quote and you can book the appointment.

5) GET PAID when your done the job. You collect directly from the client. We don't handle any funds between you and your client.

So whats the catch? I am glad you asked that. Here are the details on whats free and what costs:

1) FREE to join. Just by joining you can get FREE instant access to job posts, FREE lead notifications and FREE messages between you and clients.

2) FREE QUOTES in person. If you need to go and see a job in order to give an accurate quote, that's fine with us, you can do in person quotes free of charges and fees.

3) 5% JOB AWARDED FEE if you quote directly through the app and you actually get the job. Our philosophy is simple, we only get paid if you do.

4) GET PAID. Collect your quoted amount directly from the client when your done the job as you normally would.

5) BONUS. As an additional bonus, we will credit your first 5% job awarded fee for FREE. Quote away as much as you like, this first job awarded fee is on the house!

As you can see, we are just another way (albeit FREE) for you to get access to new clients actively looking for your services. Its easy to get access to these clients, go to and join up. It only takes a few minutes and will be well worth your time.

All the best in 2019! May your business be bountiful and profitable,

Your friends at Quote It

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