Our Vision

a democratized marketplace for home services

Our Story

After 15 years in the home service business we noticed a gap in technology between people who need things done and service providers. People are spending their precious time looking for the right contractor while companies are spending money advertising their services. The current way of getting a quote and finding someone to do a job is cumbersome.


As homeowners and small business owners we recognize the need for an easier, quicker and less costly way to bridge this gap between people who need things done and the pros who provide services. 

With this in mind we built a mobile app for the bennfit of both the customers who need things and the service pros that can get it done. Free to post and free to bid allows the market place to operate as democratic as possible. 

We are locally focused and globally driven.

Our Team

Christopher Braun

Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan Peters

CEO / Founder

Waheed Ashraf

Chief Technology Officer

Melanie McQueen

Social Media Strategist

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Ontario, Canada

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