Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for customers

Is it free to post a job?

Yes! You can download, post a job, get quotes, book and review your experience all for free. There are no hidden fees, no catches and no gimmicks. Try it out and see!

Can I cancel my job request?

Yes! At anytime you can cancel your post or your appointment.

How do I pay for my job?

You pay the service provider directly. Every service provider who provides you with a quote will outline their payment terms and accepted payment methods.

How do I get the best quote for my job post?

You can get the best quote for your job by making sure your post has pictures and details. Pictures are worth more then 1000 words, so use as many as you can! Details such as descriptions, sizes, measurements, quantities etc help service providers quote the most accurate price.

What services do you offer?

We offer 100s of different services for your home maintenance and renovation needs. We have partnered with 1000s of service providers across Canada.

Can I cancel or rebook a job?

You can rebook or cancel a job with the service provider directly through the Quote It App up to 24hrs before the appointment time.

FAQ for service pros

Is it free to join Quote It?

Yes becoming a Quote It service provider, getting realtime leads and quoting on jobs is FREE! If you are chosen by a client and your quote is accepted we charge a "Award Fee". We only get paid if your going to get paid.

What is a Lead Alert?

A lead alert is a push notification sent to your phone the minute a job is posted in your area. You choose up to 3 services your company provides and the area you service and we'll push you the job alerts the second they happen.

What is the reward fee?

Quote It collects a 5% reward fee for every job you book. The reward fee is paid by the service provider ONLY if their quote is accepted.

What if I need to see the job?

We understand that not every job can be quoted from a post with pictures and details. Measurements and walk throughs need to happen on bigger sized jobs to get the right price. If you can't quote the job from the post you can choose to see the job "In-Person".

What is the in-person fee?

The in person fee is charged when a client accepts your in person request. The in person fee is usually $5 but can change depending on the category.

Can I message the customer?

Yes, you can message the poster directly on their post before you submit a quote. You can also private message the client once your quote or in-person quote is requested.

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